A Case Study in Comparing Cognitive Development Across Populations

Jonathan L. French, Amy Racine, Stef van Buuren, Jonas Häggström, and the Lifecycle, Auxology, & Neurocognitive Development Surge Team


  • Assessment of neurocognitive development during the first 1000 days after birth is important, particularly in children in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).
  • Various instruments are used for these assessments, mostly based on a defined set of tasks for the child to perform.
  • Tasks typically are scored as a set of ordered categories.
  • Development score (D-score) may integrate data collected using different scales and across different populations.
  • The purpose of this work was:
    • To evaluate the assumptions underlying the D-score using data from an LMIC population, and
    • To assess whether the D-score can be used for between-population comparisons.


25th Annual Meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe


Neurocognitive Development

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September, 2017



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