Data Challenges

The Grand Challenges program is partnering with Ki to run data-driven challenges in which experts in research and data science work together to analyze unique data sets to identify innovative approaches to key issues in global health.


Grand Challenges is a global family of initiatives that aims to get the world’s most creative minds to work on high-risk, high-reward innovations to improve people’s lives.

One of the initiatives, Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE), gives $100,000, 18-month grants based on a simple two-page proposal. The idea is to help innovators see where very early-stage ideas may lead.

In 2018, Ki began collaborating with GCE on data-driven solutions to healthy birth, growth, and development. Learn more about these ongoing programs in Africa, Brazil, and India.

Grand Challenges sources innovations and then builds collaborations to accelerate impact

Learn more about ongoing Grand Challenges in Africa, Brazil, and India