Zika Microcephaly Cutoffs Revisited: Nonparametric Methods in Fetal Growth

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Jayson D. Wilbur, Eric Ohuma, Luo Xiao, Samer Mouksassi, Ryan Hafen, Representing the Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development knowledge integration (HBGDki) Community


  • An increase in the number of microcephaly cases in Brazil has been associated with exposure to Zika virus.
  • Screening thresholds for microcephaly have been published in terms of newborn head circumference.1
  • We evaluated these criteria based on modeling of data about:
    • Longitudinal fetal growth trajectories.
    • Newborn size.


25th Annual Meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe


Neurocognitive Development, Stunting

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September, 2017


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