Deep data science to prevent and treat growth faltering in Maya children

MI Varela-Silva, B Bogin, JAG Sobral, F Dickinson and S Monserrat-Revillo the Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development –Knowledge Integration (HBGDki) Initiative

The Maya people are descended from the indigenous inhabitants of southern Mexico, Guatemala and adjacent regions of Central America. In Guatemala, 50% of infants and children are stunted (very low height-for-age), and some rural Maya regions have 470%children stunted. A large, longitudinal, intergenerational database was created to (1) provide deep data to prevent and treat somatic growth faltering and impaired neurocognitive development, (2) detect key dependencies and predictive relations between highly complex, time-varying, and interacting biological and cultural variables and (3) identify targeted multifactorial intervention strategies for field testing and validation. Contributions to this database included data from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Longitudinal Study of Child and Adolescent Development, child growth and intergenerational studies among the Maya in Mexico and studies about Maya migrants in the United States.


European Journal of Clinical Nutrition



Last Updated

September, 2017

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