Synapse Open Source Collaboration Platform

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Synapse is a third-party collaborative platform where interim through final work products can be shared, interactions may be supported by discussion threads, wikis provide base information and other functions (e.g., annotations, tables, timelines, literature etc.). The intent is to increase information exchanges within the data science cycle.

Synapse is the BMGF chosen platform for supporting collaborations centered around shared data sets with a goal of making research more transparent, reproducible, and accessible to a broader audience. Specifically, we use Synapse to organize data, capture sprint findings, present analyses, and facilitate discussions related to Ki rallies with distributed team members.

Quick Links:

Get Started with Synapse

Synapse User Guide

Data Science Rally Framework Guide

Synapse Training Video All Chapters (total viewing time 8 minutes)

Chapter 1 Synapse Overview

Chapter 2 Invitation to Join Synapse

Chapter 3 Synapse Certification

Chapter 4 Discussion Forums

Chapter 5 File Management

Chapter 6 Managing Rallies in Synapse


Last Updated

November, 2020