Full random effects model (FREM)

  • Empirical Model

Describe the average effects of time-invarient predictors on height-for-age z-score (haz) in children living in low and middle income countries (lmic).




Sex, country, Birth length, birth weight, ratio of children to adults, child dependency ratio, crowding index, location of delivery, breastfeeding duration, father’s age, father’s education, breastfeeding practice, father’s height, mother’s age at first delivery, gestational age at birth, access to safe water, access to healthcare, health service utilization, home type, income quartile, mother’s age at birth, maternal empowerment quartile, mother’s education, mother’s height, mother’s marital status, number of adult females, number of adult males, number of children in the home, maternal number of female children, maternal number of male children, number of persons in house, number of rooms in house, maternal parity, race, sanitary facility type, socioeconomic status of parent, smoked during pregnancy