HBGDki Ontology Development & Knowledge Integration Architecture

John S. Erickson, Deborah L. McGuinness, John Sheehan

Ontologies will enable the HBGDki infrastructure to “understand” what terms mean, how they interconnect, and where information came from. We will provide a family of program relevant ontologies that are also used to power a set of semantic services and that will be used to communicate unambiguously. Success is realized by allowing program members to find and integrate relevant data to support a wide range of analyses, thus enabling more efficient, higher quality, and better supported results. Our work is focused on semantic support for Agile HBGDki exploration and visualization and will support reporting, application interfaces, smart searches, context-aware browsing, filtering, reasoning, connections to content management systems. We will design an automated semantic conversion process to port HBGDki data, in particular data from a visual interactive knowledge graph representation (especially DebateGraph) and program database dump(s) into a “curated” knowledge graph.



Last Updated

September, 2017



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