Data Journey (DJ): Data Visualization Framework

Anna Dyson, Naomi Keena, Mohamed Aly, James McCusker, Christopher Preusch, Paulo Pinheiro, Katie Chastain, John Erickson, David Isaacson, Kristin Bennett, Deborah McGuinness, Josh Draper, Marshall James, Alexander Schwartzberg, Asher Norland, Mandi Pretorius, Vivian Lin


Data Journey (DJ) is a novel interactive visualization framework for HBGDki data. The aim of DJ is to facilitate the acquisition of unanticipated and disruptive insights and discoveries, by enabling the comparison across a far greater range of heterogeneous data types and analysis techniques across multiple scientific and socio-demographic categories and scales — from metadata to microdata. Through the development of an interactive dashboard, users can juxtapose and recombine the HBGDki data and data analyses across diverse studies, variables, methods, and participants.


Grand Challenges

Last Updated

September, 2017